Oftentimes, back pain and pregnancy go hand-in-hand. An increase in hormones, weight gain and the shift in the center of the body’s gravity all work together to cause discomfort and pain during pregnancy. While many of these factors are out of your control (if you are pregnant), there are things you can do to keep back pain in check.

We sat down with two expecting mothers to see what tips and tricks they had to keep their backs pain-free and their bodies healthy.


Left: Danielle, Right: Natasha


How far along are you?

Natasha: 31 weeks.

Danielle: 28 weeks.


Is this your first pregnancy?

N: No. This is my second. I also have a five year old daughter.
D: This is my first!


Natasha, how has this pregnancy been different from your last?

N: This time, I’ve had absolutely no back pain! When I was pregnant with my daughter I had a lot of back pain, and this time around I’m about 20-25 pounds heavier than when I had my daughter.


Danielle, have you experienced any back pain during your pregnancy?

D: Nope. I haven’t had any back pain.


How have you both been able to overcome back pain during your pregnancy?

D: I think that because I’ve been using a BackJoy, I’ve been able to prevent back pain during my pregnancy. I also exercise. I usually walk, stretch or lift weights four times a week for an hour or hour and a half. I think it’s really important to stay healthy.

N: I sit on a BackJoy all day, and I have a really good tempurpedic bed and BackJoy’s PostureSleep pillow, which has really helped. I think exercise is also important. I usually go swimming and do yoga four times a week.


Both of you work full time. What advice/tips do you have for other expectant mothers that work/sit at a desk all day?

D: Make sure you concentrate on your posture, especially if you’re sitting all day. Having a BackJoy definitely helps me do that. I have one in my car that I sit on during my commute, then I sit on one all day at work.

N: Take time during the day to get up and walk around. You need to increase your circulation and keep moving. I also recommend getting a BackJoy. It helps me breathe better and because it’s helping me sit up straighter, it gives the baby more space to breathe.


Do you have any other advice for mothers-to-be?

N: It’s your body—it’s meant to do this, but you still have to take care of yourself. Taking care of your body will help you recover faster and spend more time with your newborn.

D: Just make sure that you keep your overall wellbeing and health in mind.


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