Finding the time to balance all of our must-do’s and want-to-do’s is one of the trickiest things when it comes to productivity.

In order to accomplish something, you have to have the correct mindset turned on—whether you’re at work trying to accomplish your to-do list or at home relaxing.

Here are a few things to consider if you want to be able to think productively:

  • Focus. Last week, we talked about how exercise allows you to focus. Other ways to focus include: turning off your distractions, avoiding multitasking and focusing on what’s important to you. A lot of us struggle with the balance between “urgent” and “important”. Email is a good example: most people consider email to be urgent, and some of it is urgent, but most of it is not important. Focus on what’s most important first, and go from there.
  • Have a Life. While loving your work is important, most of us work as way to support the rest of our lives. Some people like to be really productive with their personal time, volunteering in the community, writing books or taking classes. Others want personal time to relax. Even a short vacation or an evening with new friends can help improve your mood and help you feel refreshed and ready to tackle your work with a productive outlook.
  • Fitness. Exercise helps your energy levels and mood. The key is to find something you enjoy doing for exercise and making it a habit! Those endorphins can make a big difference in your productivity.