I have a confession to make in that I am doing my best to overcome my “addiction” to multi-tasking in the name of sanity and greater 159152804 (2)motivation. I want to become a varsity level “uni-tasker”—a master of doing one thing well at a time.

Research shows that being mindful, slowing down and increasing our focus builds motivation.

If you are a little (or a lot) like me and know in your heart that you could stand a bit more tenacity and a healthy dose of motivation daily, here are some tips to make the road less traveled successful:

  • slow down
  • listen more, talk less
  • drive your car with no phone or music
  • unplug from all technology after 6 pm for a night, a week or longer
  • do a day or week long media fast
  • meditate, visualize, affirm

Set a goal to do one or more of these each day and do your best to celebrate each “mini victory”.

The brain chemical for motivation is shown to be produced, get stronger and more formidable with each goal we set and reach. It takes courage and compassion to be the one who bucks the stressed-out system but the investment is worth it. As Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”.

IMG_7034e-5About: Dr. James Rouse is a naturopathic doctor and expert in functional and lifestyle medicine. An author of nine books, host and founder of Optimum Wellness Media, and Ironman triathlete, James has coached Fortune 50 and 500 companies, MLB and NFL teams, several branches of US Government and consults for companies including BackJoy, SKOOP and Kroger Grocery. He has shared his message to audiences in the US, Europe and Asia.