Dear BackJoy,

I am writing to thank you and to share my experience with my SitSmart Posture+

I have worked at a desk for years and for years I have had lower back pain.  To make matters worse, over time, my posture has gotten worse and worse as a result of slouching to try to relieve the pain.  I have tried cushions, lumbar supports and the most expensive office chairs with no success.  Last year I was visiting a friend at another office and saw what looked like a tractor seat on his chair and I had to ask. I came to find out that it was a BackJoy SitSmart and that it had taken Mark from being at the Chiropractor weekly and popping NSAIDS to being virtually pain free!  I had to try it.  When I first sat in his chair, it seemed a little odd and while not uncomfortable, it wasn’t great either.  With a little encouragement, I ordered one anyway.  This is when my life began to change.  Once I learned how to position my Posture+ it was as though I was 10 years younger.  I could work undistracted, I was in a better mood and I actually felt good.  In fact, my boss actually asked me what had changed. Apparently people were telling her how the quality of my work had increased!   She even commented on how much happier I seemed.  After only a few months I had reduced my chiropractic visits and virtually eliminated taking anything for the pain.

I am sold!  Is it a perfect device?  Mostly yes. If I could change one thing it would be having a soft cover available for when I wear shorts to work.  Other than that, the Posture+ has been life changing.  The only person that might be unhappy about my purchase is my chiropractor. Not because he doesn’t want me to feel better, but more because I think I was making his boat payment!

Thank you BackJoy, you have changed my life!!!