The BackJoy blog will be starting a monthly tradition called the “testimonial of the month.” We will be picking out a testimonial from our customers that has been touched by the wonders of BackJoy.  It also is a reminder to all the BackJoy staff the impact our work has on others, and drives our purpose in providing quality products. This month we chose  Dori. Her life has been changed by BackJoy, and she was kind enough to share her thoughts with us. Here we have her testimonial, so register your BackJoy product and give us feedback about your experience for a chance to win some free stuff!

“I like this product. I’ve used many products during my 23 years as a professional driver and this one has given me the best results. And it’s given them quickly. I’m a light rail operator and I use the BackJoy while working, in my car, and at home.”- Dori