Kimberly of works from home – and, as she says on her blog, that definitely has its perks. However, sitting at a desk all day long also tends to take its toll on her back – and she openly admits that her posture “would make any chiropractor cry. I am always slouched over my keyboard. I never sit up straight…” Sound familiar?

“Having poor posture while sitting does have a downside. It causes you to have a lot of lower back pain and discomfort… What else is out there to help you sit up properly while working at the desk, driving or anywhere else you need to sit long periods of time?”

Enter BackJoy® – and the user instructions that come along with our signature Posture Plus+ (which Kimberly admits she did not read at first – but recommends doing so!)

The result: “From my experience I can see how the BackJoy works. It just takes a it of time to get used to sitting differently.”

Click here to read Kimberly’s full review – and click here to purchase a BackJoy® Posture+ for yourself! As always, we love hearing back from our customers – so please let us know: Have you tried BackJoy yet? What did you think?

By Liana Orenstein