The BackJoy® Posture+ has been getting quite a bit of press coverage lately, thanks to popular bloggers – and it’s no wonder! Who better to review an orthotic seat that helps ease the aches and pains caused by hours upon hours of sitting at a desk, in front of a computer? Professional bloggers are definitely familiar with the poor posture associated with being hunched over a keyboard, typing and editing all day. As Dee of says: “I can literally feel my posture getting worse with every passing hour.”

In her recent review of the Posture+, Dee applauds BackJoy’s “mission to combat ‘Bloggers’ Butt'”. After taking the time to learn how to properly use the Posture+ and put it in action, she reports that the product has definitely improved her posture and helped to relieve chronic back pain:

“The BackJoy has made a good impact on how I sit while working and has made a difference in my back pain. I have been able to sit longer without feeling any major discomfort. I wouldn’t say it’s a cure all, but it has definitely been helpful. For those who work long hours confined to a chair, the great news is that BackJoy is portable and works on any kind of seat. It reduces pressure and strain on your back to give you a healthy, pain-free back.”

Click here to read Dee’s entire review – and let us know what you think! Have you tried our Posture+ lately? Do you agree with this blogger’s assessment? Please tell us in the comments below!


By Liana Orenstein