Michelle, the Queen Bee over at EverythingsAbuzz.com, says that “BackJoy is the back pain relief product [she has] been looking for!”

Like so many bloggers, Michelle spends countless hours sitting in front of a computer – and her back has started to pay the price: “… my back has really started to ache. In addition to this making me feel really old, it is uncomfortable and quite distracting as I try to complete my work.”

Excited to try the Posture+ as a natural alternative to inflammatory medicines and pain relievers, Michelle has been using the orthotic seat regularly and seen great results. She says that she plans to keep using her BackJoy – and that’s not all:

“My BackJoy has been an unbelievable sense of relief for my pain. I actually gave it the ultimate test by sending one to my sister to try. She has severe sciatica and she insists that the BackJoy is the only thing that has given her any relief! She uses it on every chair in her house and has found continuous relief and is living pain free! She has said that the more she uses the BackJoy, the less pain she has!”

We absolutely love hearing stories like these from our consumers – and we’re always looking for more! Have you had a similar experience with our BackJoy┬« Posture+? If so, please share with us in the comments section below!

By Liana Orenstein