As if you didn’t already have enough reasons to become a fan of BackJoy on Facebook, here’s one more: We recently reached over 10,000 fans and to celebrate, we gave out a special 10% code – and a secret trick to turn that 10% into 20%!

Of course, here at BackJoy, we appreciate all of our fans – not just those on Facebook. So, we’ve decided to extend this very special offer to our entire social media family!

Here’s the deal: Enter code “share10” at checkout to automatically receive 10% off your next order at – and then use Trendyr (quick and easy-to-follow instructions can be found at checkout, as shown in the image above) to share your purchase with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to receive up to 20% off in total savings!

Pretty cool, right? We certainly think so… Remember to find BackJoy on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and follow for more special deals, discounts and insider information to help you Change Your Posture – Change Your Life!

By Liana Orenstein