Feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of supposed cures for back pain in the market today? So was author Cathyrn Jakobson Ramin. In her upcoming book, Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery, she used her personal struggles with back pain to create a manual to help readers discern the good from the bad when it comes to back health. On May 9th, the book will become available to readers in bookstores nationwide.

“I’d struggled with backache and sciatica for years,” said Ramin. “Like millions of other back pain sufferers, I was overwhelmed with ill-defined options for treatment. Which would work? Which would simply drain my wallet? And which might leave me in worse shape than when I began?”

“My goal with Crooked is to set the back pain industry’s offerings in their proper context,” said Ramin, “so that patients have the information they need to make good decisions; to know what works sometimes, what works rarely, and what can cause harm.”

Interestingly enough, one of Ramin’s favorite tools for relieving back pain is her BackJoy SitSmart posture seat. “My BackJoy has accompanied me all over the world, saving my spine in airplanes, taxis, restaurants, theaters, rental cars and and medical conferences,” said Ramin. “I rarely get through a day without having a few people ask me, ‘what is that thing you’re carrying?’ I’m always delighted to explain, and I’ve given up more than one BackJoy to someone who really seemed to need it.”

BackJoy is honored to be a part of Ramin’s journey, and we are excited for our upcoming mention in her latest work. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book, it will be available starting May 9th on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major book retailers everywhere. You can also visit the author’s website to learn more.