imagesHere’s something new to add to your ever-growing list of reasons to pay attention to your posture: According to this article published on the UK-based PsyBlog, the way you sit and/or carry yourself has a direct effect on your creativity.

Think of the metaphor, “thinking outside the box.” What if we took it literally, and translated it to our bodies? We know that there is a direct connection between our bodies and minds – so wouldn’t it make sense, then, for the way we sit and stand to correspond to the way we sit? This is the question posed by the PsyBlog article, whose author takes common thought-related idioms and expands them to describe more than our minds:

“1. On one hand… on the other hand

Creative ideas are often arrived at by bringing together two apparently unrelated thoughts… So, what if while trying to solve a problem you physically hold up one hand followed by the other?

2. Literally sit outside a box

‘Thinking outside the box’ is an awfully overused cliché. Nevertheless it does capture the idea that in creativity you have to try and explore new areas.

3. Wander around, but not in a square

If you don’t have a box handy, you might like to try just wandering around randomly, but whatever happens don’t walk in a square.

4. Put two and two together

Sometimes we need to do the grunt work of logically fitting together ideas or objects we’ve already got in front of us.

5. Imagine it

The mere suggestion that someone might adopt these postures was enough to cue a more creative state of mind.

And lie down

All of these studies show how the position of our bodies feeds back into the state of our minds. And it also shows how deeply metaphors are planted into our consciousness.”


Read the entire article to find out the results of these studies. You might be surprised!

It all just goes to show how vital a role posture plays in the way we think, feel, seem to others – really, the way we live! If you are interested in improving any of these things, you may want to start by improving your posture. Visit for tips, tricks and products (like our signature BackJoy® Posture+) to help. If you’ve tried one of our orthotic seats or other products before, we’d love to hear your feedback. Please share with us in the “comments” section below!

By Liana Orenstein