2a9533a7d4a154b87cade9739cbae0d5Are you looking for yet another reason to sit up straight? Well, here it is: Dr. Sam Tocco, a Michigan-based Chiropractor, has written an informative article that provides new insight into an age-old teaching. According to a new study, posture does affect many important areas of your health – and your wealth as well!

We know that maintaining proper posture makes us more attractive to other people (and up to 10 pounds lighter, in fact) and that, as Dr. Tocco says, “good posture is an unspoken measure of self-confidence.” It therefore makes sense that posture can have a great affect on the many areas of our lives dictated by our confidence, from dating to landing a new job.

Consider this: “In [the study referenced], people with good posture were respected more because of it, even more so than with hierarchical status or title alone. The research found that ‘posture expansiveness’ – positioning oneself in a way that opens up the body – activates a sense of power that produces behavioral changes in not only the other person, but the person himself. So, in an interview, for instance, an interviewee’s posture will ‘not only convey confidence and leadership, but the person will actually think and act more powerfully.'”

So there you have it – your posture may actually be keeping you from getting the job you want, or even be affecting your income or title! And of course, the potential side effects of poor posture do not end there… Dr. Tocco’s article goes on to describe the pros and cons of posture in terms of physical health, voluntary vs. involuntary posture, how to correct poor posture, and what proper sitting, standing and sleeping posture looks like. Click here to read the entire thing; it is truly chock-full of information!

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By Liana Orenstein