In the latest version of the “chicken or the egg?” debate, researchers tested to determine the connection between correct posture and good mood. We know that when a person is slouching, it can be an indication that that person is sad or upset – but can it work both ways? Can poor posture actually cause a bad mood?

According to recent research from San Francisco State University, presented in a report on NBC News on November 4th, it can. In a study conducted on campus, students were asked “to either skip or walk down the hallway in a slouched position. The results? Those who skipped reported elevated mood and energy levels, while those who slouched reported increased feelings of depression and a lack of energy.” ( “Slouching increases depressed mood and zaps energy, says study” –

To many, this news may come as quite a shock: Poor posture can lower energy levels, and even cause depression! Wow!!

But to authors Marci Shimoff (Happy For No Reason) and Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking), this news is not at all surprising – or even news at all. They have long been studying and teaching the oft-overlooked correlation between mind and body – as has Deepak Chopra, who recently wrote in the Huffington Post:

“The greatest insight for transformation we can have is that we have immense power to influence what happens in our biology. It is important to realize that our physical bodies are not fixed anatomical structures but dynamic processes that are constantly changing.”

So, how can we properly address this relationship and use it for the betterment of both our physical and mental health? Well, aside from simply remaining conscious of our posture and making the decision to improve it, we can utilize proven products like those available at to keep our bodies (and minds!) correctly aligned.

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By Liana Orenstein

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