It really is incredible just how much your spine can dictate the functionality of other body parts. Below are highlights from an article published by, which begins: “According to the Mayo Clinic, posture is an important part of preventing problems ranging from back pain to fatigue. When the back is straight, the spine is supported and stabilized, but as you slouch or practice other methods of poor posture, your spine no longer has the support it needs to stay balanced, leading to many health problems.”

Some of these health problems are:

87530546_XSSore Muscles: “the most common effect of practicing a poor posture”. This one’s pretty obvious, and nearly anyone who has spent hours slouching over a computer monitor or other project has undoubtedly felt it first-hand – that achey, uncomfortable reminder to sit up straight. However, we may not realize that this sore feeling may be trying to tell us something serious: “[Improper posture] can lead to chronic issues with tight and sore muscles from the neck all the way down to the lower back. Two major muscle groups that bare the brunt of these issues are the flexors and the extensors, which allow you to bend forward and lift objects.”

Spinal Curvature: Not only is this potential problem unattractive, but it can also hinder your body’s ability to function properly. “The spine is specifically designed to help absorb shock and keep you balanced, but as the spinal position changes, this ability becomes compromised.”

Subluxations: “Vertebral subluxations occur when a vertebrae becomes misaligned from the rest of the spine. This affects the overall integrity of the rest of the spinal column. These misalignments can eventually cause chronic health problems including stress and irritation of surrounding spinal nerves.”

Blood Vessel Constriction: Another scary side effect of poor posture, blood vessel constriction affect nutrient and oxygen supply – and it can occur as a result of subluxations. Not only do constricted blood vessels limit your body’s ability to get what it needs to stay healthy, but it “can also raise your chances of clot formation and issues with deep vein thrombosis.”

Nerve Constriction: Similar to blood vessel constriction but actually more common, nerve constriction can easily occur when the spine changes shape – and create a frightening array of problems. “Because the nerves connected to the spine come from all over the body, these pinched nerves can not only cause neck and back pain but may also cause pain in other unrelated areas of the body.”

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By Liana Orenstein