The product that we all have  been waiting for has arrived. BackJoy now has its newly patented pillow out for sale on BackJoy has done the inexplicable  and created a pillow that corrects your posture while you sleep. This corrective posture in your sleep not only gets those quality REM cycles you have been trying so hard to obtain, but makes the next work day pain free, healthy, and awake. Go check it out here and finally get some sleep. Comment below and let us know how your PosureSleep pillow is helping you!

  • Natasha Harvell

    I tried out my new BackJoy pillow last night and cannot describe the overwelming joy that I had when I woke up this morning…….11 hours later…….from falling asleep other than it is the best night of rest that I have gotten in years. I still cannot believe that I slept for that long at a time. I slept on “the cool” side of the pillow case and it was wonderful. I used to wake up before with my head sweating from my long hair with other posture pillows and this one DID NOT do that. The venting through the sides as I read on the package, actually worked. Also, the pillow stayed in place all night long and didn’t compress. Normally after about an hour of being asleep, I would wake up and re-adjust my old pillow…..fold it in half, bunch it up, and then cram underneath my neck to get the support I needed…..then repeat as often as necessary through the night to complete my sleep cycle. I did not have to re-adjust the pillow even once. From the moment that laid my head down and closed my eyes, I was comfprtable and caught up on the sleep that I have been missing for years!!! Thank you BackJoy for this remarkable pillow and everyone should be sleeping on one.