Ashley Borden, Celebrity Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant, has a pretty awesome YouTube channel with tons of instructional videos. They include nutritional information, exercise tips, and other things to help you look and feel your best.

Along with writing books, creating comprehensive training routines and fitness retreats, and being (as C Magazine has called her) a “Top Body Guru”, Ashley also acts as a spokesperson for BackJoy┬«. In this video, recently added to her YouTube channel, she shares her love of BackJoy with all of her fans.

As Ashley explains, the BackJoy Posture+ is the perfect device for those looking to improve their posture and back health–but are, for better or worse, stuck sitting at a desk all day. Watch her video for helpful tips to sit and stretch right–and visit our official website for more information about the Posture+ and our other products!

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By Liana Orenstein