As we are settling into fall, the remaining days of outdoor plays, concerts, and sports games are about to come to halt. Someday soon, the warm summer months will feel far in the distant past. Before that happens, you’ll want to squeeze as much as you can out of 2012’s summer–and you can take your BackJoy along with you!

Over the summer, my friends and I road tripped from Colorado to Manchester, Tennessee to attend the four-day music festival, Bonnaroo. As a music fanatic, I always make sure that I get that optimal seat, no matter how far in advance I need to show up to secure the spot.

This year, my friends and I each had a BackJoy to bring with us as we watched hours and hours of music. I personally sat for 10 hours on my BackJoy watching 5 bands–and, of course, I got through the day without experiencing any back pain at all!

If you have been dreading or avoiding going to an event like this because of the potential repercussions to your back, like stiffness or pain, then try a BackJoy–and finally enjoy what you have been waiting for!