Hi Everyone!

I’ve been around for a little while now on this blog, slowly adding my own point of view and voice to the mix. You may have noticed my name starting to pop up in the byline — but you have no idea who I am. So, I figured it was time I properly introduce myself:

My name’s Liana, and I have recently taken on the role of Social Media Ambassador for BackJoy. In my efforts to learn more about the brand, I’ve also begun to learn much more about good posture in general — and how important it is for your overall physical health. As a former ballet dancer and current yoga enthusiast, I am no stranger to the concept and techniques behind proper posture. But to be honest, I never really gave it much thought; initially, I didn’t even make the connection between good posture and (the lack of) back pain. Silly, I know. I have since learned ­čśë

I recently took a trip to Florida to visit family. Along with a bunch of warm-weather clothes and sandals, I made sure to pack my BackJoy® Posture+. I love that it is so easy to tie right onto my carry-on, and that it fits perfectly on the airplane seat. Having my Posture+ with me allowed me to spend hours on a cramped plane, reading and working, without worrying that I would feel negative effects in my lower back later on. And I just love the bright fuchsia color!

My Posture+ got a lot of attention in the airports and planes I spent time in last week. I had fun explaining and answering questions about the BackJoy brand — and I look forward to doing the same within our growing online community! So please feel free to reach out to me across our various social media platforms — BackJoy is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube… And, of course, here on our blog.

By Liana Orenstein