As we age, we usually stoop more and more—sometimes as a result of osteoporosis, oftentimes as the discs in your back and neck begin to dehydrate.

This article in Health gives 10 great ideas on what you can start doing now to make sure you have perfect posture as you age.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

Easy Exercises


“Try this exercise: Every morning and night, lie down on the floor and make slow ‘snow angels’ with your arms for two or three minutes.

For an extra challenge, roll up a towel and put it on the floor underneath your spine. Many gyms have half foam rollers—a tube cut in half lengthwise—that you can use for even more of a stretch.”

Take Vitamin D


“Vitamin D is essential for bone health, and may help us maintain our muscles too.

Try to get it from a healthy diet. A recent report from the Institute of Medicine, an independent, nonprofit organization, found that most of us get enough vitamin D from food and sunlight without taking supplements.

The recommended dietary intake for vitamin D is 600 IU a day for women up to age 70 and 800 IU for women older than 70.”

Support Your Spine


“After menopause, women may have more weakening in the muscles around the spine than aging men do…

Exercises targeting the back extensors, neck flexors, pelvic muscles, and side muscles are crucial. Trainers at gyms can help; there are even special machines that target these muscles.”

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