These days, many of us are experiencing the ailments that coincide with poor posture—backaches, headaches, pinched nerves and more. But a recent press release in the Wall Street Journal states there may be a way for us to prevent postural problems.


According to Dr. Mark Cohen, a Chicago Chiropractor, regular postural screenings (a procedure in which the practitioner assesses the alignment of the body), are essential for uncovering problems with the spine and correcting them before they become more severe later in life.

“The sooner we isolate the problem, the more easily and effectively we can treat it,” says Dr. Cohen in the release. “We consider postural screenings an essential part of any conscientious preventative wellness plan.”

During postural evaluations, Dr. Cohen is able to detect patients’ postural problems—from scoliosis to degenerative joint diseases; as well as “look for stress points and irregularities that are either causing physical complaints or are likely to do so in the future.” He then comes up with a plan to correct and prevent future postural issues.

Have you ever had a postural screening? If not, do you think it would help improve the pains you experience from having poor posture?

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