Full disclosure: I am a bit of a TED Talks addict. These interesting, informative and often funny videos provide great insight into areas and topics that I would not otherwise know anything about. I watch one, and I instantly feel just a tiny bit smarter.

I recently came across a TED Talk by Social Psychologist Amy Cuddy that I thought would be particularly interesting to our Living BackJoy readers. In it, Cuddy (who is a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School) reveals her latest findings on body language and how it can change… well, everything.

According to Cuddy, our posture does not only affect the way others perceive us but also the way in which we see ourselves. In a study that she outlines in this video, Cuddy and her team of researchers proved that our body language can actually alter our body chemistry. Striking a powerful, assertive stance increases our level of testosterone and posing in the opposite way–in a less powerful, more submissive manner–increases our level of cortisol (commonly known as the stress hormone–Yikes!)

Click here to watch the entire video–and see how changing your posture really can change your life!

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By Liana Orenstein