hfPOSTUREcHere’s another good reason—as if we needed one—to add to the list of why we should all sit up a little bit straighter: it might help prevent fall-related injuries later on in life.

According to an article released by the CDC in September 2012, one out of three adults (aged 65+) falls each year—and we’re paying for it. In fact, non-fatal fall-related injuries cost about $19 billion each year.

Improving our balance and posture may play a significant role in preventing future fall-related injuries. A recent press release states that while poor posture can lead to joint complications, proper posture “denotes a healthier more active lifestyle—one that is free of pain and/or joint stresses.”

“Improving posture and balance helps strengthen weak muscle groups in the back, core, hips and legs. This improves mobility, which limits the fall risks,” said Val Walkowiak in this article. “Maintaining upright posture is vital for daily living and function.”

Good posture in old age might do more than just reduce your risk of falling. A recent study cited by this article found that having good posture is an indicator of your ability to age independently without the need of others taking care of you. The results of the study proved that the people whose spines were most hunched forward were far more likely to wind up needing assistance that those whose spines were straight.detail

Do a balance check! Stand up straight and then lift a leg so your knee is bent and your thigh is parallel to the ground. Try to hold it for 20 seconds. Switch legs.

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