ss_101639107_wLast week we posted about how expansive postures can lead to assertiveness and power. This week, after recent findings, we’re delving further into the issue and discussing whether or not our actual environment impacts assertiveness and leads to dishonesty.

A new study conducted by researchers at some of the nation’s leading business schools found that individuals who are forced to sit with an expansive posture in their environment tend to have more dishonest behaviors—whether it be cheating, stealing or traffic violations.

“In everyday working and living environments, our body postures are incidentally expanded and contracted by our surroundings—by the seats in our cars, the furniture in and around workspaces, even the hallways in our offices—and these environments directly influence the propensity of dishonest behavior in our everyday lives,” said Andy Yap, a key author of the research, in a recent press release.

Throughout the day, most of us are unaware of how we shift and how our posture changes, yet the way our body is positioned can have a huge impact on our thoughts, feelings and behavior.

“This is a real concern. Our research shows that office managers should pay attention to the ergonomics of their work spaces. The results suggest that these physical spaces have tangible and real-world impact on our behaviors,” said Yap.

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