BackJoy Posture Champion for the Month of November, Jessie Dao from Vietnam, BackJoy Asia Pte Ltd 

Last year, I had receive a Sitsmart Posture Plus as a surprise gift from my manager in Backjoy. Since owning it, I never knew that it would become an important item to use every day.

During my pregnancy, I could feel the extra weight of my growing belly pull my body forward, causing a change in posture. The increase in pressure added stress on my back and lower abdomen. By sitting on the SitSmart Posture Plus, I could instantly feel that it helps to take the pressure off my spine. It also provides external cues to my body to facilitate proper posture and prevent overextension of the lower back.

As a first-time mother, I did not anticipate the workout, my body was going to experience from the daily nursing routine. However, practicing good posture while sitting on a SitSmart has benefited me with little discomfort. The best remedy for back pain prevention is to be conscious of your posture position when you are sitting or standing with the baby in your arms.

My goals are to maintain good body health so that I can recover faster and spend more time with my newborn baby and husband.

 I can’t imagine how I am able to enjoy 9 months of pregnancy and 6 months postpartum if I did not understand the power of posture. BackJoy Sitsmart is a best friend that always reminds me about that. And, with a healthy body and strong mind, anything is possible!

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