BackJoy Posture Champion for the Month of February, Bradley Lim from Klang, Malaysia, Fitness Coach, Writer and Business Owner of the Malaysian Body.

If you are asked to describe nasi lemak, the last thing you may say is “healthy”. However, in a surprising twist, fitness guru, Bradley Lim firmly believes that one can still indulge in delicious but moderated food cravings while maintaining a healthy body. He has proven this is achievable by going through a 30 days Nasi Lemak daily diet challenge where he lost 5kg after. It is the amount of food you eat. Amount = Calories. Your calorie intake is by far the most important factor in weight loss.” – Bradley Lim,
Fitness Coach, Writer and Business Owner of the Malaysian Body.

As part of the Power of Posture initiative, Bradley was invited by BackJoy to demonstrate a series of exercises using the SitSmart Posture Core in the comforts of our office seats. The exercises and movements are separated in a tier based system:

1.       Mobility
To reignite movement on the upper body,

2.       Activation
To engage the core and glutes prior to exercise.

3.       Function
To utilize the core, glute along with various muscles at the extremities to its functional capacity, performing rep-based exercises.
Here are some pictures highlighted some of the exercises demonstrated by Bradley during the Sales meeting:

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