BackJoy Posture Champion for the Month of September, Brian Tan from Singapore, Yoga barre Enthusiast; BackJoy Asia Pte Ltd 

Starting from right: Brian Tan seated with his Platoon Mates

“In 2010, while I was serving my National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces, the constant daily carrying of heavy physical equipment had led me to experience back pain at my lower back area. The pain from the injury also prevented me from sitting, standing and walking for long periods. The MRI report from my spine doctor certified that I was suffering from herniated lumbar discs from L1 to L5.

With the completion of national service, my back pain continued to bother me over the years. I had to undergo several years of expensive sessions with various physiotherapists which made little or no improvement to my current condition. It was through my girlfriend where I learn about Yoga Barre!

After witnessing how a month of practice help lessen my lower back pain, I immediately fell in love with yoga barre and was determined to continue this journey on the dancer’s bar and also on the mat.

Since starting this practice, I am able to to see tremendous improvement in my posture. I am able to better engage my postural muscles (core and glutes) and use it to bear the load of my upper body; this has helped to build strength in my mid-body section, where good posture stems from.

Most importantly, I started to notice that the cardiovascular and muscular benefit of yoga barre practice has allowed me to develop a strong mind-body connection. I am more confident in terms of aerobic capacity, and also feel that my level of cardiovascular fitness has improved.

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