BackJoy Posture Champion for the Month of September, Isara Naratip from Thailand, Yoga Enthusiast; Target Green Co. Ltd. 

“In 2015, while I was attending the BackJoy Asia Sales Meeting in Beijing, I had developed severe allergies due to the abrupt change in weather conditions.  My health was greatly affected and this prevented me from visiting many of the famous tourist attractions in Beijing; including the Great Wall of China.

When I returned to Bangkok, I decided to break my hectic lifestyle habits with regular evening Yoga Classes to strengthen my body’s physical strength and immune system. After a year, I could feel that my yoga journey has made a positive impact on both my health and posture.  The deep and rhythmic breathing techniques taught during yoga practice has made my lungs less sensitive, allowing me to breathe better. It has also contributed a natural healthy glow to my complexion due to the increased blood circulation and oxygen intake which help flush accumulated toxins from the body. My body’s immune system has become stronger and the allergies do not occur as frequent.

Yoga practice is also a great way to have better posture and balance. I can feel both my posture and muscle balance problems being addressed with balance-specific stretches that build up core strength and improve my body’s flexibility. In just a few weeks, my posture has noticeably improved!

Through this process, I have learned more about body alignment which is in line with BackJoy’s philosophy. With the strengthening of the right muscles within our body, our posture is naturally adjusted vertically. Over time, the balanced alignment of our spine leads to less fatigue

This real-life experience of mine further enhances on the “Power of Posture!”