BackJoy Posture Champion for the Month of October, Allison Snyder from Singapore, Cross Training Enthusiast; BackJoy Asia Pte Ltd. 

My mind is constantly on good health and good posture. I took this seriously throughout pregnancy. One of my goals was to maintain my fitness in order to prevent low back pain as my belly grew and center of gravity changed, as well as build a strong core foundation to prepare for delivery and postpartum recovery. I’ve learned that everyone has a unique experience during pregnancy but my regimen was 2-3 days of modified cross training for strength and stability, 2-3 days of yoga for alignment and flexibility, and activities on the weekends such as walks or stand up paddle. I kept this up until week 38.

Not only did fitness keep my body healthy and posture strong, but I also benefited from very little discomfort. I actually enjoyed being pregnant and the midwives even asked me mid-delivery if I exercise a lot because I was strong throughout labor! Now that’s the power of posture!

Bruce Scanlon Tan was born August 30th in great health, weighing 3.6kg. He’s a happy boy with a big appetite (just like his parents). Next challenge….improve my posture while nursing!

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