This October is World Spine Day and the theme for 2019 is Get Spine Active! #GetSpineActive

In this fast paced, high-tech era, our posture is failing faster than the speed of advancing technologies, affecting the spinal health of both adults and kids globally. This World Spine Day, it’s time you take back what’s yours. It’s time to make a change starting with your posture!

BackJoy has been a pioneer in the posture industry long before the smart device and mobile tech phenomenon began. The original BackJoy SitSmart was invented in 1984 to provide postural control and correction. The patented technology is designed to cup, tilt, and float your SIT bones (that’s your pelvis, Ischium, and hips) into a cradle of comfort and better posture, relieving back pain and stress when sitting.

Today, 35 years later, BackJoy celebrates better posture once again with the launch of the new CORE Collection – Posture Core, Core Traction, and Core LUX. ‘Using the same patented technologies that made the SitSmart series so successful, the new CORE Collection powers and activates better posture every time you sit. Designed to cradle and float both your SIT bones AND your SIT muscles in comfort and better alignment, sitting with good posture has never been easier!’ said Dr. Barry Kluner, Professional Chiropractor & Postural Neurologist.

Remember, active spines are powered by posture. This World Spine Day, Power your posture for an active core every time you sit with BackJoy!