BackJoy Posture Champion for the Month of August, Aziz Shrestha and Sadichya Shrestha from Nepal, CEO of Joyful Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I have had lower back issues ever since my spine injury in 2013.  Since then I have developed chronic lower back pain, which has had a heavy toll on my health.  Fortunately in 2017 my MBA classmate, Ms. Isara introduced me to BackJoy on our visit to Thailand. I use it at home, in the car while driving to work and then sit on it at work for hours. 

Life has been good ever since using the BackJoy; I have noticed little or no pain when sitting for long hours. At the end of the day, I can come home happy without having to crash on my bed in pain and having to apply any pain relief gel.

My wife also uses the BackJoy at home and work. She is currently pregnant with our first child and so it helps relieve lower back pain during pregnancy as well. BackJoy has become a part of our daily lives. We love BackJoy so much that after using it for a year we decided to get on board with BackJoy Asia to import their products and distribute it here in Nepal and share the joy in owning a BackJoy.

We are excited and we believe that the BackJoy SitSmart products will help people not only with back issues but those who want to prevent from developing any back problems in the future. We are a society that sits pretty much all day and sitting right has always been an issue so using the BackJoy not only helps maintain the right posture but keeps you active all day by engaging your core and gluteus muscles.

BackJoy is not merely a product but a blessing in disguise and we would like to thank the entire BackJoy team for their effort in bringing back smiles on millions of faces around the world.

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