BackJoy Posture Champion for the Month of July, Pascal Morin from France, CEO of BackJoy Europe

Whenever I am seated on a BackJoy Posture Plus seat, I feel more energetic at work and also during my travels. 

Sitting on a BackJoy helps to maintain my professional composure during business meetings. It also allows me to cope with the physical tolls of long business trips which are harmful to our joints and overall health. As I frequently commute by car, sitting on BackJoy definitely helps to make the drive less tiring and as I noticed less effort is required to sit up straight when your pelvis is kept in balance

I just simply attach it to my backpack and off we go! Now I am assured of sitting comfortably with good posture in the car or on the train or on the airplane.

Traveling with BackJoy Posture Plus is a must for me. It engages my core muscles which are essential in maintaining my sitting posture when I travel. Hence, Be active, Be BackJoy has become the tagline of my life. 

Comfort is essential during long flight trips. Every sitting moment on a BackJoy helps ensure that I always sit with good posture and maintain the muscular tone of my back. 

Running is also my passion. I’ve noticed that the BackJoy seat speeds up the recovery, especially after marathons, and helps to strengthen my back and abdominal muscles. 

In the hotel, I also use it to do some strengthening exercises. 

I can’t imagine my trips without BackJoy. My therapist completely approves its relieving and strengthening action.

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