459127829Did you know that stress is responsible for over 85% of the reasons we go and see our healthcare provider? Because this month is National Stress Awareness Month, we’ll be talking all about how to decrease stress by doing one very essential thing: improving posture.

Good posture helps decrease the stress hormone, cortisol, and keeps pain and inflammation at bay (which sadly causes many people A LOT of stress).

How Posture Decreases Cortisol

The stress hormone, cortisol, goes down when you sit up straight. One of the reasons is when you sit up straight, your diaphragm is opened allowing you to breathe better. When you sit with poor posture, your diaphragm constricts, making it much more difficult to breathe.

Because you can’t breathe very well in this position, the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain is reduced. This reduced flow of oxygen sometimes clouds judgment, making it easier to feel stressed.

Posture Keeps Inflammation at Bay

Healthy posture will keep inflammation in check which will help fight lower back pain. It will also help you combat stress, as pain is a great contributor to the stress that people feel.

When you slouch, additional strain is placed on the muscles, ligaments and disks in your back—all of which leads to back pain. Sitting up straight will put your spine into proper alignment, alleviating the strain and pain of the back.

Remember: practicing good posture should not be limited to the office—you should be sitting up straight behind the wheel, while reading and watching TV. And don’t forget–BackJoy is here to help!