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For many, mom was our first teacher. She taught us how to count to 10, how to tie our shoes or how to drive a car.  More importantly, mom taught valuable life lessons and advice that we carry into our adult lives. No, we’re not talking advice like – “Be careful or you’ll poke your eye out.” We’re talking about the insightful advice our mother’s gave us, such as: “Everything seems way worse than it is when you’re tired. Get some sleep, then revisit problems in the morning,” or “It’s ok to make mistakes but always learn from them. They are a part of what makes you who you are.”

One universal piece of advice that nearly every mom gave is, “Sit (or Stand) Up Straight.”  And, as we hear more about the benefits of good posture as well as the health risks associated with poor posture, it turns out mom was right. Because in May we observe National Correct Posture Month and celebrate Mother’s Day, BackJoy’s #StandUpMom award recognizes your mom and the great advice she shared with you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to and tell us the best advice your mom ever gave you.
  • Each week starting April 19th through May 9th, BackJoy will choose a winner – both the person that nominated mom, as well as their brilliant mother will receive a pair of BackJoy’s new Zen shoes and a SitSmart seat (valued at $159).
  • On Monday, May 11th, we will announce the winning duo who will receive a grand prize package worth $1500 which includes the entire BackJoy product suite for two, two massage gift certificates, two floral bouquets and two yummy edible bouquets delivered to your homes.

So whether your mom’s advice was as simple as “red isn’t your color” or more insightful like, “Never dull your shine for someone else! Be the best version of yourself, always!” help us celebrate your mom’s wisdom.