Ahhh summer….the time for running around barefoot, squeezing your feet into hiking boots that haven’t been worn for a year (hello blisters!), and flat sandals that offer little-to-no support. Talk about the summer taking a huge toll on your feet.

BackJoy’s StandRight Posture Sandals are a great summer footwear solution. Designed to provide posture and structural support from the ground up, the Posture Sandals offer total foot support and improved body alignment and function in the hottest summer months (when wearing shoes isn’t an option). They also are completely waterproof—perfect for the boardwalk, beach or poolside.


BackJoy CEO, Bing Howenstein, provides a quick explanation of the technology behind the StandRight Posture Sandals in this video:

StandRight Posture Sandals are crafted from a soft, supportive base that’s contoured to perfectly fit your foot and encourage better posture while standing and movement control while walking. The sandals feature pressure-relieving nodes for stimulated blood flow and a flexible toe strap for durability and support.

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