We’re excited to introduce our NEW line of StandRight Zen footwear (available for purchase here). Good looking and good for you, BackJoy’s Zen shoes use advanced technology to place your body in optimal posture while standing and walking.

Most shoes feature an elevated heel, which can take the hips and spine out of alignment and lead to multiple health issues including knee pain, back pain and muscle tightness. In order for the body to be properly aligned, your feet must stand and move from a neutral, level position. Enter BackJoy’s StandRight Zen footwear.

CEO, Bing Howenstein, provides a quick explanation of how the StandRight technology works in this video:

The StandRight Zen are constructed of high-grade leather—that flexes and fits to your feet. The shoes also feature a removable footbed so you can use any custom orthotic inserts you need, while allowing your feet to move the way they’re supposed to.

Read more about the StandRight Zen and see all of the colors and styles we offer for men and women at