Change your posture, change your life! Sound a bit over the top and possibly far-fetched? Science and research confirm that healthy and proper posture does affect our moods and motivation.

In fact, ask yourself how inspiring someone slumped in a chair, shoulders drawn and chin drooping looks to you. Not only does their motivation and mood look diminished—you start to feel that way too just from looking at them! It turns out that slumped posture can promote a depressed mood, a feeling of helplessness and a decrease in motivation.

Looking for an attitude adjustment that may even help you to be more successful, happy and possibly even live longer and stronger? Sit up! Harvard researchers suggest that getting our “power pose” on can lower stress hormones, increase confidence and mobilize motivation.

The cool and inspiring thing to remember is that you have an opportunity to “get your awesome on!” all day with mindful posture.

  1. Driving to work
  2. At your desk
  3. At the dinner table
  4. Watching TV
  5. Sleeping, standing and walking

You are always one seat away from changing your chemistry to awesome. Courageously choose to sit up and become more like the person of your highest vision and intention. You are here to rock the world!

IMG_7034e-5About: Dr. James Rouse is a naturopathic doctor and expert in functional and lifestyle medicine. An author of nine books, host and founder of Optimum Wellness Media, and Ironman triathlete, James has coached Fortune 50 and 500 companies, MLB and NFL teams, several branches of US Government and consults for companies including BackJoy, SKOOP and Kroger Grocery. He has shared his message to audiences in the US, Europe and Asia.