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Most of us will admit we have bad posture. We also think about correcting that poor posture at least a couple of times throughout the day (especially for those of us who are sitting behind a desk). Typically, we’ll make a conscious effort to sit or stand up straight—for a minute or two—until our minds begin to wander to something else and slouching resumes. It happens to the best of us.

How can you re-train your mind and body to be posture-focused all day long?

Here’s a few tips:

Take a Picture

How bad is your posture? You may be surprised to learn just how poor your posture really is. Have a friend take a picture of your natural sitting and standing posture and then critically evaluate yourself in the photos. Are your shoulders level? How is each side of your body positioned? Once you see what your posture looks like to others, it’s easy to make postural changes and improvements and be more conscious of how you look throughout the day.

Set Reminders

Set an alarm on your phone for a quick posture check once an hour and make adjustments as necessary. Are you sitting up straight or are you beginning to slouch? Are your shoulders relaxed? Are your feet planted on the floor or are your legs crossed? Is your head bent towards your computer? Setting up your workstation as ergonomically as possible will help ensure you maintain good posture.

Use Posture-Improving Products!

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