“The Best in Holiday 2012 Gift Finds is an ongoing series until December that celebrates the practical to the extravagant, the unusual to the commonly needed items of everyday life.”

And guess who recently made the list? That’s right – The shopping blog Monsters and Critics has recommended the BackJoy® Posture+ as “a supremely useful and thoughtful gift for under $40.”

The bloggers love our Posture+ because it “gently aligns the spine in the neutral position, as it relieves pressure from the tailbone. The patented design encourages optimal posture and engages core muscles so you can sit more comfortably, and correctly.”

Do you have someone in your life who is suffering from chronic back pain? If so, they may appreciate the benefits of our signature Posture+! Add one to your gift-giving list this holiday season, and be sure to visit BackJoy.com for current specials and promotions!

By Liana Orenstein