113776We keep hearing from bloggers and other work-from-home professionals that BackJoy® is helping to improve their work desk situation – and we love it!

One of our latest reviews comes from JJ of Bellyitch, a popular blog that covers all things baby bump-related.

JJ says on her blog that our Posture+ orthotic seat initially took a little bit of time to get used to; however, once she did, she started to really enjoy “the extra support it provided.”

Furthermore: “I suppose it would work well for other working moms, a mom-to-be dealing with lower back pain related to carrying around extra weight in her uterus or for anyone who is dealing with back issues… I’d say it is totally worth giving it a try”.

Click here to read the entire review – and click here to find out more about our signature Posture+!

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By Liana Orenstein