“Giving the gift of health is always a welcome gift in my opinion, and with the sheer number of Americans who suffer from back pain, including myself and my husband, discovering the BackJoy Posture+ has been wonderful!”

This is what Margie of My Springfield Mommy has to say about our patented orthotic seat. She has added it to her 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, recommended as “an ideal gift for someone who spends a significant amount of time in a seated position (like the majority of Americans.)”

We agree that the BackJoy Posture+ makes a fantastic gift; it’s unique, affordable, and (best of all!) extremely practical. Just think of all the people in your life who suffer from back pain – or the people whose lifestyle (ie. spending a majority of their time sitting, either at home or in the office) may eventually bring them discomfort in the future… We bet there are quite a few! And all those people for whom buying gifts is a challenge, because they seem to already have everything they want and need… Well, they may not have a BackJoy Posture+!

Head on over to our official BackJoy┬« website to browse special holiday deals and promotions, see the variety of colors that the Posture+ comes in, and check out our other products for sale! Who knows – You may just get your holiday shopping done early this year!

By Liana Orenstein