Pick up a copy of the November 2012 issue of Health Magazine, and you may see a familiar orthotic seat recommended in the “Best Life Now” section… This month, the popular magazine highlights products that help relieve the aches and pains colder temps can bring – and we’re thrilled to announce that the BackJoy Posture+ made the cut!

As Health says, “There’s nothing like a chilly day to tighten muscles and joints.” Among the products listed as ways to treat this problem is one of our very own – recommended for a bad back: “BackJoy Posture+ rests on the seat of your office chair, car seat, wherever, and helps the spine stay in a neutral position.”

And the verdict? “Sitting on it is more comfy – we’re slumping less!”

Over a million people have already experienced the BackJoy difference and are sitting with better posture, thanks to our Posture+. We love that the editors love it – but we also want to hear back from all of you! So please let us know – have you had a chance to try it out yet? If so, what do you think? Please share your comments below – and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Health to read the full article!

By Liana Orenstein