Angela of recently reviewed BackJoy® in her quest to improve her posture. In her blog, she writes of her struggles with maintaining proper posture. After trying many products, she has decided to “give BackJoy a whirl also.”

While she says that she did not immediately notice a difference, we’re happy to see that Angela will be continuing to try BackJoy products (including the Posture+ and the Kneeler) until she finds the one(s) right for her. She also reaches out to her readers for additional reviews (so feel free to chime in!) and includes a video clip of BackJoy on The Doctors TV show.

Mommy PR is a great resource for those looking for unbiased reviews and honest information on the latest products. We always love receiving feedback on our BackJoy products, and we encourage all of our readers to read the reviews out there. What did you think of this one? Do you have any advice for Angela?

By Liana Orenstein