Want to age slower? Choose not to lose muscle. Lean muscle helps extend life expectancy and it can be built and sustained with exercise. Being active not only helps you maintain muscle mass, it boosts metabolism, and keeps your heart and lungs healthy, among other benefits.

Even if you have been sedentary for years, don’t give up! Studies suggest that beginning an exercise regime, even in middle age, will help reduce the likelihood of disease, illness and disabilities during the aging process.

Exercise to Live Longer
Perform a moderate form of aerobic activity like running, briskly walking, swimming or biking five days a week for at least 30 minutes per day and lift weights twice a week to maintain muscle.

Here are a few types of exercise experts recommend to help your body slow aging:

1.)    Running. Running is a great way to promote vitality and has even been linked to less instances of heart disease, stroke, cancer and neurological conditions.

2.)    Pilates and Yoga. Pilates and yoga will build up the strength of your “core”—the muscles of your abdomen. A strong core will help you get stronger, improve athletic performance, among other benefits.

3.)    Strength Training. As we age, the muscles surrounding the spine start to weaken. Focus on exercises that target the back, shoulders and neck muscles. Working on these muscle groups will also improve back pain.

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