78617682 (2)Please take a seat with the support of your BackJoy, breathe from your belly, fully relax and open your mind, and know that you are a genius. You are awesome, creative, courageous, gorgeous and all-powerful—you are a force for great and every growing good. Let this truth wash all over you—fully bask in your awesomensss. If necessary let it cleanse away any limiting beliefs of who you are not and instead let it nourish the seeds of your innate greatness so they may flourish under the influence of your epic essence. Now that you can see it, let’s discover how you can fully be it!

Got genius? Yes and one powerful pathway to cultivating and demonstrating your ninja like cognition and creativity is to move your body. Whether you desire a higher power to help you re-decorate your living room, an enlightened up-leveling of your mo-jo to tackle your child’s or grandchild’s math homework or you are now really ready to master Portuguese, you can rock your genius by raising your heart rate and making faster tracks with your sneakers!

Your genius bone is connected to your exercise bone which is connected to your “creative juices” bone. Sweating your prayers 157077082 (2)enlivens your mood, enlarges your brain, reduces your mental but’s-while raising your bodily one. All these blessings are yours, along with protecting your heart, bones, immune system and possibly your sanity under stress. Working out helps your body to move out the stress hormone cortisol and allow for “new thoughts” to make an appearance. Crushing the cortisol is like gifting a perpetual Bodhisattva vow to your brain. Cortisol shuts down genius-making cognitive function by aiding in the decline of the empowering brain chemicals serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and others that build creativity, calm and confidence. Trust this motivating mantra in that when you move, all of creation moves with you.

Genius has Roman roots, and is believed to be the “guiding spirit” of a person that enables ones inspiration to come into actualized being and form. The world awaits your genius—you have all the right stuff just waiting to be put into action. Take delight and empowering flight in knowing that you are just one wind sprint, one game of tag, one lovely walk away from stepping fully into your inspired and fully actualized form of you. Choose to step up right here and now and move like your very best life depended on it. Uncover and discover your greatness—courageously living like you mean it with grace, grit and gratitude.

IMG_7034e-5About: Dr. James Rouse is a naturopathic doctor and expert in functional and lifestyle medicine. An author of nine books, host and founder of Optimum Wellness Media, and Ironman triathlete, James has coached Fortune 50 and 500 companies, MLB and NFL teams, several branches of US Government and consults for companies including BackJoy, SKOOP and Kroger Grocery. He has shared his message to audiences in the US, Europe and Asia.