As Shira Levine wrote last year for American Express’ OPEN Forum: “Business travel is no vacation.” But given the ways in which most airlines have changed to cut costs and maximize space, we’d go so far as to add: Vacation travel is no vacation.

Being on an airplane for hours at a time definitely takes a toll – on our mood, our eating and sleeping patterns, our skin… And, of course, our necks, legs and backs. It’s bad enough when you are lucky enough to fly first or business class – but if you’re relegated to economy? Well, it’s that much worse.

In her OPEN Forum article, Ms. Levine recommends “some first-class in-flight accoutrements, mostly created by small-business owners” sure to bring a little relief and comfort to your cramped flying quarters. They include travel accessories by Austin House, Able Planet‘s Clear Harmony headphones – and our very own BackJoy® Posture+!

“Flying is not comfortable… But you can avoid back strain while you’re contorted in a coach seat for hours. Yoga helps you prepare for your journey, but while you’re in flight, a product like BackJoy Posture+ helps improve your posture. The little portable seat pad creates a natural cradle for the pelvis by tilting it upright and cupping your tush muscles.”

Click here to read the rest of the article – and please let us know your thoughts! Have you had a chance to try the Posture+ on a plane yet? If so, how did it affect your travel experience?

By Liana Orenstein