The sun is shining and my kids are out on summer break, which means I am looking forward to a summer of soaking up some rays on the beach. Of course, being land-locked in Colorado makes a quick trip to the beach a bit challenging, so I’m packing the kids up and we’re hitting the road.

We all know a long road trip can leave your body feeling stiff and sore, but it can also do damage to your wallet. Here are a few tips for making travel more comfortable whether you are exploring a city that’s always been on your list or just taking a long weekend getaway.

Vacation Rentals – more affordable and spacious

Instead of looking at a traditional hotel or resort option, look at lodging from individuals like yourself. In the last couple of years, several websites have popped up that allow owners to list their property for rent. And just like booking a hotel, you can read reviews from visitors to know what they liked or disliked about the place. We have found that these rentals are a huge cost savings for our family of six. We’ll rent an entire house or condo so we can cook meals in, and our family can spread out instead of cramming into a small hotel room.

Take Only the Necessities

There are always more must-have items to take than will fit in your luggage. And inevitably, BackJoy Roller Balls_Largeyour bag is always twice as full coming home with souvenirs than it is going, so try to only pack what you really need. While it’s a nice thought that you take along all of your favorite BackJoy products to each destination, save space by grabbing the Roller Balls. You can use them to assist with your posture, as well as roll out tight muscles and they’re small enough to fit in your carry on.

App It

Plan ahead with a trip organizer app (my personal favorite is TripIt). These apps help you get organized by gathering itineraries, confirmation emails and so much more. Best of all, you can access the information from anywhere you go so you’ll always be prepared!

We’d love to hear from you, feel free to share your best travel tips with us below.

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