Earlier this year, we held a Journey to Whole Health Sweepstakes where we encouraged our fans to submit a story about someone they knew who deserved to win a health-focused three-day trip to Aspen.

Suzanne Parsons from California  won the Sweepstakes and she and her husband Kevin headed to Aspen Square (a beautiful condominium hotel) in the heart of Aspen, where they enjoyed a biomechanical evaluation, spa treatment, yoga and full access to the club. For three days they were able to focus on themselves and experience what it means to be healthy and pain-free in all aspects of their lives; from head to toe, mind and soul (our passion here at BackJoy).

Here’s a quick video and photo recap of their adventure:

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From top left corner, clockwise: amazing views of Aspen, Parsons wandering the Aspen streets, Parsons at Aspen Mountain, gorgeous river running through the town, Parsons traveling at DIA with their BackJoys, Kevin during his biomechanical evaluation, Kevin having fun on the slopes, Suzanne outside the Aspen Club, inside the Aspen Club, Parsons excited to enjoy the Aspen Club, Suzanne during her biomechanical evaluation, Suzanne at the Aspen Club

Center: Parsons outside the Aspen Square Hotel

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One Response to Journey to Whole Health Recap

  1. Ed says:

    Thanks for posting these wonderful photos. The couple make attractive subjects for your event.