I knew I had done it right when it happened.

I was finishing the “Legs and Back” P90X workout Friday morning, and just getting into the cool down stretching when I felt the dull but piercing pull of a muscle in my right low back that should not have been there.

I tried to get some emergency stretches in, but it was already too late and I was probably making it worse. With my job,  I know a little bit (too much!) about how the back works and what muscles go where, what they are supposed to do—and not do—so I knew exactly what was in store for me. My back was going to be crushed for at least a few days.

You might say this is a bit embarrassing—being the CEO of a company whose very existence is tied to the reduction of back pain and problems, hunched over with excruciating back pain! The fact is, no matter how healthy or prepared you try to be: back pain can find you—will find you—and it takes no prisoners.

This weekend’s episode of terrible pain and inconvenience served mainly to remind me of just how important our mission at BackJoy is.

Trust me; with four young kids at home and mom out of town for work, you learn really fast just how valuable your back is. We talk about the stats of back pain every day here at BackJoy, but when you become one of them it is a very different story. For instance: 7.6 million working days are lost each year to back pain. That stat in particular always made me wonder—but now I totally get it! I was lucky this hit me over a weekend, so I could be immobile at home instead of potentially missing any days at work.

I was also VERY lucky because of what I do. Working at BackJoy means I had lots of recovery tools to choose from. There is NO WAY I could have made it through dinner with the family when mom finally got home Saturday night without a BackJoy in my chair. We are lucky to hear from so many people who talk about the instant relief they get for the first time in a long time when they sit on a BackJoy. Now I really get it.

Over the weekend I had to get in the car to get one son to soccer, another to tennis, a daughter to play practice—all in all about two hours sitting in the car. Instead of being a nightmare for me—with my BackJoy Relief it was actually super comfortable!

When I sit in my BackJoy, like I am right now, I can feel the release of pressure when my pelvis is lifted and tilted into a neutral posture. Instantly and automatically my BackJoy transfers the body weight my back is trying to awkwardly support to a naturally balanced point of equilibrium where everything just relaxes. The strains that are aggravating the muscles I pulled seem to fade away and I can relax. My fear of reaching to pick something up and having that dull stab and piercing pain nearly drop me to the floor is gone. When I move, twist, or turn, my BackJoy lets me do it easily, constantly adjusting the support to match my movements. This is no simple cushion or wedge, this is in fact a hi-tech system of supportive relief like nothing else. Now I know why we have our patents!

When I made my way to my bed and my couch, I asked my daughter to make sure my BackJoy pillow was in place. What can I say other than “ahhhhhhhh….”? I normally love to sleep on our pillow because of the way it feels and the way I just don’t wake up with it. Now I crave it for the perfect balance of firm support yet soft feel of down that helped me move without getting punched in the back with pain while I slept. There is nothing worse than being immobile for hours, flat on your back—but this weekend I didn’t have to be. I like to turn from side to back while I slept and our pillow let me do that effortlessly. I LOVE this pillow!!!

After a few ice packs on Saturday—I decided to give our StressRoller a try. Let me tell you, having a StressRoller handy is like having a chiropractor on call whenever you want. These two balls of pain and pleasure were amazing. Deep tissue myofascial trigger point release—pinpointed to where the muscles were tightest—oooooh. I actually cannot wait to get on my floor here at the office and roll some kinks out again soon—it feels so good! When I get up, it’s like I’ve been released from the tight locking up of my muscles.

I would love to tell you a little about some of the prototypes of new products we will be introducing soon that I tried this weekend, but it’s a little early! Please stay tuned because we have some great stuff coming, and after what I went through this weekend, I can guarantee that! One hint: I was able to WALK around very comfortably!!!

I have been working at BackJoy for six years. During that time we have helped almost 2 million people ward off their back pain. We get letters and e-mails from happy customers all the time and sometimes I am lucky enough to meet people whose pain we have helped to relieve. It is truly a great honor to be able to help people in this way. Today, however, I have a new level of appreciation for what we do.

I feel so lucky to have been hobbled this weekend. I can fully understand and appreciate what you, our customer, is going through. How it feels like you are trapped and stuck—unable to do the most simple things. Back pain really stinks!

I am so excited to share our great products with everyone in this position. We are all very proud of what we do here, but today, that pride has hit a whole new level for me. We provide an escape from the shackles of back pain. Our products work—I can guarantee it! With this knowledge, more than ever, I know we will fulfill our mission to fix the way the world sits, stands, and sleeps.

Thank you for your support in helping to make this mission a reality!


Bing Howenstein

CEO – BackJoy