Have you ever tried the 90/90 position to relieve back pain?


Put your legs up on a bench, couch or chair making sure that the knees and hips are bent at a 90-degree angle (see image above) with your arms stretched out to your sides.

The position realigns your spine and relaxes the body to restore good posture, so you’ll immediately feel pressure relief in your lower back.

According to a recent article in the Edmonton Journal (quoting personal fitness trainer Kevin Murray), the 90/90 position “helps re-educate the body about what is proper posture by repositioning the hip joints in their sockets, putting the back in a neutral position”.


The problem is this is not a long-term solution to back pain. Without conscientiously making an effort to maintain good posture when you sit and stand, your back will immediately go back to the form it was in prior to the 90/90.

That’s where BackJoy comes in! BackJoy effectively optimizes your posture by tilting your hips upright and “floating” your spine in a protective cushion above the sitting surface. Safe and effective, it can be used on all surfaces—hard and soft, for immediate and continuous relief.