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What we choose to put in our bodies each day is the key to how we look and feel. The foods we eat are essential to helping our bodies fight inflammation, build resilience against stress, and prevent (or lower the risk of) type 2 diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity and even certain cancers.

Losing weight is one of the biggest resolutions people make for the New Year. The problem is most people set unrealistic goals and depend on deprivation to help them attain those goals—which eventually leads to binging. Instead of forming these extremely unhealthy eating patterns, put your focus on wanting to eat healthy to feel better or increase energy.

Here are five tips on eating healthier this year:

1. Don’t skip breakfast. You are much more likely to over-eat later in the day if you don’t eat something within the first hour of waking up. Eating breakfast can even help improve your mood and give you the brain power you need to get through the day.

2. Eat every three hours. Each time you eat, you stimulate your metabolism for a short period of time, which means that the more often you eat, the more you’ll increase your metabolism.

3. Bring your own lunch and snacks to work. Eating healthy lunches and snacks will save you a lot of meals out or trips to the vending 465139161machine. Make an extra serving of what you prepare for dinner to take with you to work the next day.

4. Drink water. A soda or bottle of juice sometimes contains up to 300 calories and a lot of sugar. Instead of drinking your calories, save them for nutrient-rich food and drink water instead.

5. Buy pre-cut fruits and veggies. Buying pre-cut fruits and veggies will save you the time and hassle of cutting them up. They’ll be easy to grab as a quick snack when you get hungry.